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Spirit League

Spirit Division League information

Does your league have a Spirit Division?

Join Vista, Mira Mesa and Escondido Girls Softball Leagues  by adding an ASA approved Spirit Division to your league.

Please contact Faygene Barber or Jeff Barber to schedule a presentation at your next board meeting.

Make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.  Build up leadership skills in your current softball players, and most of all, make a positive impact on your community.



Faygene Barber

Jeff Barber

Spirit Division

The Spirit Division provides a recreational team sport experience for both boys and girls with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Vista Girls Softball is very proud to take the initiative of including ALL kids in their softball program.  Every player in the Spirit Division is provided a “buddy” that will help and encourage each of them to learn softball skills. We take great pride in knowing that our buddy program promotes diversity, acceptance, and patience to young girls/boys in our community. Our season runs from February – April and we would LOVE to have your special needs child join us. If you would like more information, please contact  Faygene Barber at .   We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Sprit Division Team Page

Liam playing Softball

Liams Story

Read Liam's story about Spirit division at Vista Girls Softball.  We are all proud of his accomplishments and love to hear great stories from our players 

History of Spirit Division

In 2010 Faygene Barber approached Vista Girls Softball regarding having their special needs daughter participate in their program.   Thankfully, Caitlyn, was small in size and although she was 10 years old, she was placed on a tee-ball team.   In 2011, Coach Matt Bradford welcomed her on his 8U team, but that ended up being too competitive for her needs.    They began searching for recreational softball leagues for special needs children in our community, and sadly found nothing.   At that point they approached the Vista Girls Softball board and  So-Cal ASA with their idea of creating a "Spirit Division".   They came up with the name 'Spirit Division" because if you are lucky enough to know a person with a disability..... you know that they bring the MOST SPIRIT to any event they are involved in.

In 2012 Vista Girls Softball had our first Spirit Division season.    

We stared with 12 players/12 buddies in 2012 and now in our 6th season have 43 players/45 buddies.   

In 2015 we were invited to the ASA USA National Council meeting in Louisville, KY to discuss the idea of making the Spirit Division a nationally recognized girls softball division.   The council members welcomed our idea and we are currently working together to grow the program.  in 2016 we welcomed our 2nd Spirit Division within Mira Mesa Girls Softball.   Today we are working with several other leagues to develop Spirit divisions and hope to have them up and running for the 2018 spring seasons.