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Snack Bar info


Snack Bar Information

Vista Girls Softball has a snack bar to offset the costs of running the league and keep player registration prices reasonable.  As such, we may require a parent to work shifts based on the season for every child registered (volunteer coaches, team parent or other team volunteer are still required to work).  Every player must submit a check prior to the beginning of the season unless they buyout.  The amount of the check is listed below.  The checks will not be cashed until the end of the season only IF you fail to schedule and/or show up for your shift.  When you complete your shift, you will be handed back your check from the Snack bar Director.   Shifts are generally from 2 to 3 hours and are set based on the number of players in a season.

Spring 2020:  1 shift per child ; Deposit $250 (Buyout is $125 per child)

Family Members, friends, etc.  May work for you, however they must be a minimum 18 years old (unless prior approval).  This rule is strictly enforced by the league.  

If you need to cancel or reschedule your shift, we will need 72 hours advance notice to locate a replacement or your deposit may not be refundable.

Snack bar guideline and rules

  • Umpires are allowed free water.
  • Volunteers are allowed a fountain drink.
  • Volunteers must pay for any food, candy, etc.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your shift to go over your roles and help insure a smooth transition.
  • You must work your assigned shift.  If you arrive out of schedule, you will be turned away.  This is done to insure the snack bar is correctly staffed at all times.
  • Board Members will be taking overall park shifts, as such they will be checking the snack bar from time to time to insure it is running smoothly.  If there is a problem, their phone numbers are listed on the whiteboard.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the snack bar.
  • All volunteers are responsible for keeping the snack bar stocked (condiments, napkins, utensils, etc)  If an item runs out, check with the board member on duty to see if there are addition supplies.
  • Please follow directions for preparing food.  Vista Girls Softball has certain recipes that Customers enjoy.
  • Gloves are required when handling food.
  • Cook only what is ordered to keep food fresh and hot.
  • Please make sure that that the snack bar is clean at all times
  • Empty trash at the end of your shift.  The dumpster is located at the lower parking lot behind field 1.
  • Please follow the posted "Opening" and "Closing" checklists of the snack bar for your shift.


 If you have any other questions or concerns/ideas, please contact the snack bar Director